Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sweet Potatoes

Last year I had a good Sweet Potato harvest, but not nearly enough to keep my family fed through the winter.  This year I have cleared more land and planted about 500 slips of 5 different varieties.

Above the forest trees are cut down and then the exposed roots are cut to kill the tree.  As it dies and rots it will feed the soil for me.

Above is an experimental patch using recycled cardboard as a pathway mulch and fresh cut grass to mulch the Sweet Potatoes.  

Another forest patch above.

Above is the Super Bowl garden with Figs and Banana on the hillside and Sweet Potatoes on the drier level areas before the land drops into a boggy Taro garden.

A row of a new experimental variety is above.

The tools of my trade.  I am an OG (original gardener) .  A mattock and a hoe are all I need to take virgin forest land and transform it into fertile beds, just like my ancestors before me.

A steeper garden cut into the mountainside is above.  In theory the steepness will allow me to leave the crop in the ground until I am ready to harvest.  The rain should runoff and not rot the Sweet Potatoes.  One of the problems I have is storing all the food I produce, my house is not large enough.

Above is one final shot of the newly cleared forest and some of the gardens that are visible now.  Still much work to do and some great Winter Solstice burn piles to ignite!

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